Amos Lee

My soul,
is as open as the sky.
Often time,
it's just as blue.
People tell me,
I need to keep on dreamin'.
That's juust what I'm gonna do.

Now everybody,
wanna treat me like a house fly.
Turn me around,
and tell me to shoo.
Wanna tell me,
keep on dreamin'.
That's just what I'm gonna do.

'Cuz every moral,
has a story.
Every end needs a glow.
Sometimes it's full of glory.
Oh, but mostly, it's for the love.
It's the love..

It's the love.
It's the love that pulls me through.
'Cuz when they tell me,
keep on dreamin'.
Thats just what I'm, I'm gonna, thats just what I'm gonna do.

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