The One

*Above Envy

(verse 1)
Stamp out this fire to dust
Take what you must
The rest is all mine
Ooo cuz I can`t take away
What I didn`t say
I`m gonna leave it all behind

Stars collide and burst to life tonight

You can take all the sun away
Just because
Burn this page of the past away
Cuz you can`t take the one
The one that I love

(verse 2)
In broken mirrors I`ve seen
I`ve seen a face that looks nothing like me
Ooo you can change the light
You can turn it all to black
But you can`t change memories

Silent tears fall from the sky tonight

(repeat chorus)

I can see, just what`s in front of me here
And I can`t explain so I won`t lose
No I won`t lose what I`ve gained no no

관련 가사

가수 노래제목  
ㅂrㄷrㅅh 배경음악 Above Envy-The One  
Above Envy The One  
Above Envy All You Are  
Above Envy The One (엔제리너스커피 CF 배경음악)  
Above Envy All You Are (영화 시드니 인 러브 주제곡)  
Above Envy I\'ll Always Stay  
Above Envy Talk To Me (영화 시드니 인 러브 엔딩곡)  
Above Envy The One (\'엔제리너스 커피\' CF 배경음악)  
Above Envy On My Own  
Above Envy The One (엔제리너스커피 CF배경음악)  
Above Envy Fly Away (MBC TV 무한도전 `조정 편` 삽입곡)  

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