Winter Stores

Steve Reynolds

You better get some rest
cause we've got a long way to go in the morning, he says
water up your eye
and tell us the stories of when you were a young bride
we will be heading up north
so gather up the logs and lay out the winter stores
i will be here when you come
you will be back in my arms again
when the weather sets in
i remember the night we went blind
we were standing in the street drunk off all that wine
they came at you with a knife
and you spun around, but they caught you up from behind
i will be here when you come
you will be back in my arms again
with the heat of the sun
i've seen the death of you now
i've been called out to see you put safely to ground
my job is only to watch
you can nail the coffin yourselves if you want
oh how i loved you then
loss is a crazy thing, when it finally sets in
i want you in my arms again
i will be here if you come
with the heat of the sun

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