손승연 (Sonnet)

Won’t you get up
when the silence isn’t quiet
so can you rise up
I heard you cry in the night
Don’t close your eyes
you can dream while you’re awake
Don’t you know that
We still have a way to go
Why don’t you get up
These are echoes on and on
Don’t let it end
You can hold onto your time
Want to get up
without darkness there’s no light
So you can wake up
even when the sun goes down
Don’t break your wings
You can see how high you fly
Won’t you get up
Open up your eyes and breathe
So you can get up
You can’t make it on your own
without true love believe
You don’t wanna fall away
Won’t you stand up
You don’t have to say too much
So can you stand up
You’ve been through
this way too much
Don’t lose your heart
I’ll reach out my hands to you
Won’t you get

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