Get Some

Lykke Li
앨범 : Wounded Rhymes

Don't pull your pants
Before I go down
Don't turn away
This is my time
Don't make demands
I don't take none
Just say a prayer
That it gone get done
Like the shotgun
Needs an outcome
I'm your prostitute
You gon get some
Gon get some
Go head go away low
Where I can do no harm
Go ahead go away low
In my honey loving arms
Where I can do no wrong
Got you around my finger
Like a lonely lovers charm
And cause I can
I'm gon got west
Just like a man
I'm the fortress
Like the shotgun I can't be outdone
You gon' get some
Like the shotgun needs an outcome
I'm your prostitue
(Go head go, Go head go ...)
In my honey lovin arms

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