Slow Motion Bossa Nova

Celso Fonseca, Ronaldo Bastos
앨범 : Juventude / Slow Mo...

Youre so good to me
and your loves the inspiration that I need
Writing songs for you
Is the way I find to thank you for this
Face the music
Dance to the music
now I hear the sound of music
and your kisses take it closer to perfection
Youre beyond imagination
Were the dream team
youre so good to me
Youre so good to me
and I hope to give you back the peace of mind
that you give to me
and it feels like Bossa Nova by Jobim
The solution to my dilemma
youre my girl from Ipanema
inspiration for my samba in slow motion
youre the top youre my devotion
my slow motion Bossa Nova dream

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