Josh Dickens, Badisco
앨범 : Agua

Here beneath the moon tonight
So pale and fragile
Is that shining in the distance I see
Real or just imagined?
Imagined mirages of aguaSomewhere in these sands that spread before m
There lies a silent spring for me
Que aguaThe earth without the heavens' rain
Becomes powder and gravel
Life without a spirit whole
In time becomes a thread unraveled
Or traveled in the circles of aguaAnd lately there grows a thirst inside me
With only hunger to guide me
Que aguaAgua ever deep
Agua ever wide
Agua ever still and silentFlowing into sleep finding what we hide
Dreaming what cannot be sightedAgua ever warm
Current ever strong
Agua ever, ever lastingGathering in storm
Pouring out in song
Washing over understandingAgua
Agua deep
Agua so wide
Carry me to your shore
Carry me aguaAgua
Agua deep
Agua so wide
Carry me to your shore
Carry me agua

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