Reel People
앨범 : Seven Ways To Wonde...

So amazing
Amazing to me(x3)
So amazing(x4)
I'm not the type of fussing
With everyday to somethnig
Easy come and easy go
Turn eye and change the day
The light that change the path
Turn round and dump its head
Fit the script in this world
Confused, left out in the dark (oh yeah)
Never could I see it getting better
Then you, you became the spot
The road that brought the since forever
I've been searching for so long
Cause everything was wrong
So crazy
Deep inside a life of misery
Found it hard to breath
Now everything has changed
It was just
Just another ordinary day
Then I just forhot the
Life all got the lovers to stay
You see me through and through
You've got your issues too
Oh, let's point to the stars
Cos with new us
Comes nem problems
New people who we are
Thre's nothing that we cannot be
By now there's only just one word
That I can find
Somehow you open up my eyes
And read my mind
And nothing looks the same
It was you
Just one look
And turn my life around
You got my body
Bumping into my sound
There's no time
Nothing in this time world like what we are feeling
Shout it out
I've set
Somehow love will find a way find a way

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