Number One With A Bullet

Halfway Home
앨범 : Let's Start This Ov...

awake watching sleep, it's the cadence of her breath that keeps me
clinging to the air, and fighting with my shadow
for seven days this week, I can't move on from this tragedy
completely or just briefly, not content to let it go
ten minutes into my nervous breakdown
you're still writing love letter
and I won't let you down too hard
just like a gun to my head, but it feels alright
I'm number one with a bullet, I'm sure that you've heard
I guess I'll see you on the other side
stand, bend, until you break
these lessons from the life we make
turn one lie into another
hold fast until you fall
your reasons make no sense at all
abandoning senses, why even bother
but I won't let you down too hard
you know where we stand, you're content to let me fall
so concerned but insufficient, that's the meaning to it all
just fall, just fall

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