The Beast

Enuff Z'nuff
앨범 : 10

I was so green at 22,
I didnt know yet what to do.
Out of my head, out of control.
Thats when the devil got my soul.
Seems my old ladys crazy too.
We got so much hate that our love grew.
Riding the wave with her behind,
Trouble is never hard to find.
And it happens again.
Is it coming along?
My body dies and the
Beast inside lives on.
Drinkin my way from place to place.
Getting in everybodys face.
Having a coke without the smile.
Counting the broken-up floor tiles.
Taking a pill for everything.
Give me the will to spread my wings.
Riding the horse from town to town.
That was the force that kept me down.
Repeat Chorus.
Me and my sisters keep in touch,
They know I love them both so much.
Mother has never understood,
But I know she did the best she could.
Try to be sunny all the time,
Try to keep money off my mind.
And I could have everything I see,
But I got the beast and its got me.
to moonnp6ence from papayeverte

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