Strung Out

Another desperate call you're not around
I got a head so full of worry
cuz you're nowhere to be found
displaced and out of order I've been down
on my hands and knees so many nights
crawling around this place for days
well I know you heard me say it all before
I can bleed myself so many times
before I start to doubt
but this time I'm gonna let it go
you're way too far away
and I got too much that I wanna say
and now I'm hangin on to every word
I never said to you
here in this phone booth
guess I'll wait around and pay my dues
tonight I got a new best friend
chemical inebriation
I'm passin time without you all alone
I was never one for patience
I was never one for trust
I'm a little bit neurotic so
ignore me if you must
this brain of mine won't let me let it go
I'm not gonna let you get away
I got too much that I wanna say

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