Port of Notes
앨범 : The Best 97-00
작사 : Port of Notes
작곡 : Port of Notes

A kiss to a lilac and very part of your trace
I wanna look back how you used to be
Witness of a quiet night,
Your whisper is like ripples
In the darkness it's beautiful
A river runs through to the sea
You come through my rampart easily
I want to look into your eyes, darling
So hold me tight
There is no difference between wave and beach
I'm a drifter in the sea you rule
Following your a sigh and close my eyes
Oh, tell me how you want
Call my name or don't say anything
'cause I can feel it
I can feel that a thrill is floating around us
You're my best and you show me the way to be free
Oh, my darling, in the morning
I feel blessed
(Just) hold my hand, you have nothing
you should prove me
You are gentle and you know you have me
Do you feel the same?
When we're in scent of a lilac
When you lips are trembling
Oh, my love...!!!

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