Like I Lay Down

Port of Notes
앨범 : The Best 97-00
작사 : Port of Notes
작곡 : Port of Notes

I'm walking down the street as usual morning
People saying "hello" to each other
And they're passing
I's gonna be a so beautiful day
So I looked up the sky
While I'm waiting for the crowed train
I think of you again
And I wonder if I'm doing right?
Doing right for you
And also for your freedom
'cause I'm afraid to restraint you
Oh, I can not pretend that
I am good all the time
But then you've already Known about that
you're still kind to me
Watching so many people in this town
Clouds only care for
Bird's destination
I feel that I need asleep and a rest
And I will be all right
Oh, what I wish might be very simple
As simple as just like now, waiting for the train
I want to feel love and put smile on your face
I'm looking for the light
Oh, I can not pretend that I don't need you and your love
Don't believe that if you hear me say stupid
Oh, just don't believe
Oh, my lover tell me the way
I don't wanna lose my love away
I want to love you
Like I breathe,
And like I lay down in peace

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