How Much

Mariah Carey
앨범 : Rainbow

The way I feel for you
I can`t describe
It`s almost too intense
To verbalize
Essentially you`re all
I`m living for
And basically each day
Ineed you more and more
Have you even been so enamored baby
That`s how much I love you
All I need in this life, you see
Is me and my boyfriend
Have you ever feit lost
when you know you gotta leave me
That`s how much I love you
Love is yours and mine
Till the very end
Just me and my boyfriend
Don`t underestimate the love in me
It`s obvious these feelings run so deep
I fail and fail for you day after day
Nobody else could ever take your place
You don`t gotta waste your time and worry
You don`t gotta look for reassurance
Cause clearly you`re the only one that`s getting this and
Sugar I don`t need nobody else
But you
And honey I ain`t letting go too soon
Because I can`t get enough
Why you asking how much?
It`s more than you can handle baby

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