how could you say you love me

sarah geronimo

You say that you've always been true
Looking in your eyes i see you lie
You're trying hard to hide
That there's someone new you found and
You want me to believe that you still care

How can you hurt me this way
Everything i knew was loving you
How could you try pretending
Your love was never ending
Now you can't even say that you will stay

How, how could you say you love me
When you would go and leave me
How could you make me hurt so bad
When i have loved you more than anyone can do
Can't believe the pain
That i'm feeling now because of loving you
(repeat refrain & chorus)

I can't seem to understand
How can love be so unkind
Still you broke my heart despite what i've done
Still my love was not enough
Though i've given you my all
I can take it anymore
(repeat chorus)

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