하와이 민요

See the dark clouds
are low upon waukia
A sign that we two
must soon be parted
I can't hide
thee in my arms
And keep thee
I can only hide that
I'm broken hearted
farewell to thee
Farewell to thee
I shall always
Wait for thee
among the flowers
One found embrace
one kiss and then
until meet again
Farewell to thee
farewell to thee
I shall always
wait for thee
Among the flowers
one found embrace
One kiss
and then
until meet again~

관련 가사

가수 노래제목  
하와이 민요 ALOHA OE  
Elvis Presley Aloha Oe  
우쿨렐레 피크닉(Ukulele Picnic) Aloha Oe  
Billy Vaughn Aloha Oe  
체리블렛 알로하오에 (Aloha Oe)  
A¼¸®ºi·¿ (Cherry Bullet) ¾E·ICI¿A¿¡ (Aloha Oe)  
리틀 엔젤스 (The Little Angels) 알로하 오에/Aloha Oe  
Goombay Dance Band Aloha-Oe, Until We Meet Again  
Kim, Hyeon-Seong 작약도  
윤손하 Poliahu  

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