Kenny Loggins
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작곡 : Kenny Loggins

Some lessons are
Never need to change
write and the word
Is written
then we turn the page
Some lessons
take forever
Time and time again
caugh in a battle
That you can't
And can never win
tried to make me
The boy of your dreams
ones that you never
Could find
you thought you saw
Your face in mine
the more we try
The more
we just get lonely
Though you've show me
how the things
You say are true
the lessons learned
Is no concern
if you don't
Even know me
to need love
Is all I really
learned from you~

The more we try
the more
We just get lonely
though you've show me
How the things
you say are true
The lessons learned
are no concern
Cause you don't
even know me
Sure you've done
what you can do
But when all our time
is through
To be loved is all
I ever needed of you~

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