I Like Drinking

The Gourds

I Like Drinking

I Like Drinking to forget your name

And I smoke reefer a'do much the same

Between me and you - there's ain't nothing I wouldn't do

to untangle these ties with you

How much sweet life source have you took

I keep thinking I'd rather not look

Our love's like a fern thats been dried up and burned

It's absurd - but I keep coming back.

Oh believe me bruther

I bleeve I'd ruther

dig a hole and crawl in the ground

Between you and I I think I'd ruther die

So I'll just stay drunk all the time

I've been over and over this girl

But you like the rattle snakes curl

You coil to strike me again

In my wide world of sin

lights out I think its the end

have mercy on me Jesus Christ

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