Lyrics, Music & Arrangement: Hiroske Hayama

いつからか思ってた 時時 氣

관련 가사

가수 노래제목  
희귀음악 w-inds - Forever Memories  
w-inds w-inds.-Love is message  
w-inds. Rain Is Fallin` - w-inds.xG-DRAGON(BIG BANG)  
w-inds. This Time ~願い~ / This Time ~Negai~ (This Time ~소원~)  
w-inds. I'll be there  
w-inds Give you my heart  
w-inds. Rain Is Fallin` (Feat. G-Dragon)  
w-inds. 四季  
w-inds forever memories  
w-inds feel the fate (W-inds 2집 싱글)  
w-inds. Perfect Day  

가사 수정 / 삭제


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