Say You Love Me

Simply Red

In one of those grains of sand

I get blown all around the world

And what I make of it

Oh I don't know

What's the meaning of it

Oh I don't know

I've been around so many times

That the world's turning in my mind

What do I think of it?

Oh it's so so

What more can you be

than the things they say you'll be

Say you love me all around the world

Stay and hug me all around the world

Be yours a boy or be mine a girl

Just say you love me

Just say you love me

I never ever realized

It's so easy to make you cry

But did I break a bit

Oh I hope no

Have you forgot about it

Oh I hope so

Did you never, ever wonder why?

In every single pair of eyes

There is a hunger in it

Or its soul dies

Come on now my darling

Say you love me

Oh yeah, please please say you love me

Come on say you love me

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