Michael Kiske
앨범 : Instant Clarity
작사 : Michael Kiske
작곡 : Michael Kiske
편곡 : Michael Kiske

I'm sick of finding there is no one you can trust
I'm sick of hearing money making's a must
I'm tired of seeing people slander behind backs
I can't stand seeing you sneaking up my arse!
I get ill when I see what people do for cash
How little love means and everyday it means less
Headline-lies to feed the hunger for hate
Can anybody tell me that it's not too late?
But I see light - It shines so bright
Can anybody say what is happening to me?
Can anybody say?
Even art is sold for the cheapest success
To express yourself means nothing I guess?!
But I'm telling you all, there's nothing else that I'll do
'Cause what keeps me goin' ain't the praise from you!
Mr. Smart is loud calling everyone to roar
Calls himself a real friend, the perfect friend I'm wishing for!
I know he just means good by trying to tell me how to play
It' just I don't give a shit 'bout anything he'll say
'Cause I see light, it shines inside
Can anybody say what is happening to me?
Can anybody say?
This business's a lie - I don't believe in it - This business's a lie
Well it's hip to be stupid - so I like to be smart
And when they say it's all over - I like to give it a start
And when it's hip to be hip - I hive a hip hip shit
And when they want me to go on - I'm pretty sure that I quit
I ain't running this race - it ain't worth a tear
I won't sweat for this - to me everything is clear
If now I didn't make a point - there is no point to make
I don't want a piece of your cake!
It's all cheap and dumb - A sick after money run
I didn't mean to wake you up - but I slept too long
I won't fight with fools and that is really victory
There are sides to choose and only one will let me be
I know I got some friends, but even if there's just a few
I won't feed the blind, no that's the last I wanna do!
What means everything to me no one gives a damn
And what's nothing in my eyes is held high up in their hands
Don't wanna please anyone, don't wanna give what's been asked
And what's the first for you, for me it's the last!

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