Phil Collins
앨범 : Dance Into The Light

Once upon a time I made a lion roar -

he was sleeping in the sunbeams on the old zoo floor.

I had gone to see the park where my papa used to play,

it's called Villa Borgese and it's on the way

to East Africa

Down on Grand Comoro Island, where I grew past four,

I couls swim and fish and snorkel on the ocean floor,

and the wind laughed, and the wind laughed through the trees as if to say,

here's a child who'll want the world to go his way

in East Africa, in East Africa.

Suddenly for me the world turned upside down -

far from my friends the lions and the dolphins came this awful sound.

Dark shadows, sounds of thunder raging over me,

came this monster called 'A-dre-no-leu-ko-dys-tro-phy'

Where's my East Africa?

Well they said, they said, they said (the ones who knew it all)

they said from now on for you there will be no more standing tall,

so I took my parents' hands, I lifted my head to say

I'll just have to be a hero, there's no other way!

Back to East Africa

Back to East Africa

Back to East Africa

Come with me I'm going back, going back to East Africa.

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