Flying Away

앨범 : 4집 - Sunsick

Deep in the sky..
Deep in the sea.. and I'm in there..

Deep in the sun..
Deep in my mind.. I'm sing a song..

There's no sadness
Everyday like a merry christmas..
I'm flying away..

There's no loneliness
Everyday like a happy birthday..
I'm flying away..

A Day in the park..
A Day in a cloud.. There's you and I..

A Day in my dream..
A Day in your smile.. I'm dance with u..

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가수 노래제목  
바이브 Flying Away  
Vibe Flying Away  
Vibe (바이브) Flying Away  
바이브(Vibe) Flying Away  
Vibe Flying Away  
원우 Flying Away  
Mary J. Blige Flying Away  
Away 엄태경  
카니발 롤러코스터  
가희 롤러코스터  

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