Yo Yo Funk

Yo Yo

That Yo Yo funk, that's what it is
(You gotta put me on) (Damn Yo Yo)
Givin' it to you (Oh Yeah)
(Slam the D's on the Benzo, pancake by the gate)

(Verse 1)
Because of my funk, niggas wanna wax me and tax me
Got me feelin' uncomfortable like my Maxi
People tend to ask me, Yo Yo is your shit ???
Smooth like a baby's ass, the kinda funk that make Lo-Lo's crass
Smash up the street, stash on my heat
Ridin' in my hood deep bumpin' battlecat's beats
I'm on a regular, all on my celular phone
Cause the fleas won't leave me alone
Many high to the hips, that freak mamma shit lips
Glossy, lookin' hella saucy and flossin'
I got that vibe, hat cocked to the side
Representing, ain't that right?
You know me, I know you, you know the flavour I be bringin'
A little funky song, can't you sing it, yeah...


(Verse 2)
Now fellas say my funk is the bomb
I'm a beatiful black girl but my hair is blonde
Very special like Hennasy
And all the fly funky nigga rolls wanna freak with me
It is I... Y-O-Y-O
So fly, skirt to the thigh, am I...
Flava so sweet you could eat
You'd probably need a toothpick to pick out your teeth
Because I told ya my flava was the bomb
And now you got... flava on your tongue
Left sprung, hung by one lady, nothing but a fly girl thing big baby
Let it begin for the nine, feel
Me and Ruff Dogg getting bent off Hen'
It's all gravy so let the beat bump
And get used to this Yo Yo Funk!


(Verse 3)
Well it's Yo Yo, high as a missle
And I just love a fistful of fuckin' c-notes
And I'm glad I didn't grow to be no material ass chick
To jock a young brother for his rich
We bout to do this funk my way
We bout to hit the higway sideways out the driveway
It ain't no sense in playing games
I roll with that true D-Funk, Battlecat's the name
You know me, you know I'm mobbin' heads bobbin'
That Yo Yo Funk'll keep 'em rockin'
Fresh out the jam, looking hella trim
Suit tight and right, hittin' the show tonight, yeah
It ain't no sense in makin' faces
Ain't no chick in the street takin' places, face it
Don't stop the rock, keep it movin'
Yo Yo's in the house with that ghetto style, keep groovin'

(Chorus till fade...)

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