Why should we say goodbye(Piano Version)


Now it's time
I fell that it can't be the end
How could we just live without our love?

Saying goodbye
It's not the thing I want yet
And don't have those moments anymore

Remember all the words you said to me
That couldn't be a lie

When you try to say the truth
I am standing here for you
Dreaming of a nearly past
Trying to be and do the best
While you're breaking up my heart
I'm counting the stars, tell my why
Why should we say goodbye?

Tell me now
How can I just live without
The life that we have dreamed once before?

Save me now
My heart is tired of fight it out
Stop this pain and close this damn hole

Remember all the words you've heard
From me
'Cause it you can't deny

I must be just dreaming
You said you loved me, so believe me
There's a light that I've met in you
And it's the only way to save me
When you are so distant
I cannot stand my own existence
There's a flame that still burns
Here inside my heart

This nightmare won't free me
Oh baby, don't you dare to leave me
'Cause you're inside my heart

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