Song of dreaming

앨범 : Sailing Out
작사 : 이시영
작곡 : 임덕규, 이시영

Every time when my feeling in blue I hear this song
and start humming a tune to myself.
I close my eyes when I sing.
Past by gones lay their spell on me.
A calm memory of love.
The song's melody comes out of your heart.
and your heavenly voice starts me to dreaming.

Since a forgotten times I've never seen your face
My splendid day begins to hearing your song carrying out
from a radio then I can imagine you against the color of sunset.
Melodies breathe into red sky and bring about a calm.
Wind setting your long hair to fluttering in the breeze.
Little blind girls see those scenes the eyes of the mind.

When I listen to this song. I have a feeling.
When I listen to this song. I have a feeling.

When I appear on the street with broken heart.
There are blank faces. Cars passing by in a little cafe
in your feeling flowing through the dense smoke my heart
is fascinated.

관련 가사

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