☎º Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker

For a long time now
I've wanted to say
something to lighten your load
brighten your day
but there aren't the words
for the colours I see
the patterns they change
won't stay the same
and somehow my view
is always in view
of melancholia hues
at dusk
and at dawn
moments to wonder
but somehow to mourn
these moments they passed
to never return
melt into nostalgia
as my memory yearns
for each pound of joy
there's an ounce of regret
if the sun rises
you know it will set
so I'm taking it down
to tuck it away
saving some sunshine
for my rainy day
and I'm trying to find
that silverline
that runs through the cloud
that collect in my sky

관련 가사

가수 노래제목  
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☎º BLACKPINK 휘파람…♂♀♥º━─♨  
☎º 박원 5분만…♂♀♥º━─♨  
☎º 정승환 너였다면…♂♀♥º━─♨  
☎º 장사익 동백아가씨…♂♀♥º━─♨  
☎º Kelly Sweet Raincoat…♂♀♥º━─♨  
☎º 폴킴 편지…♂♀♥º━─♨  
☎º 로즈 장 (Rose Jang) Arirang…♂♀♥º━─♨  
☎º 백승환 Senorita…♂♀♥º━─♨  
☎º 메리라운드 톡톡…♂♀♥º━─♨  

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