Good Times

Finger Eleven
앨범 : Finger Eleven

Something has stuck in underneath my skin
Eyes all looking in for something within
Somewhere in here

Now everything I say gives this all away
Senses deadened again
Nothing lives today
Not in here

Here in your head

*Chorus 1*
Careful what you’re feeling on the inside
You should try to remember the good times and the high life
Are you feeling alright?

Felt that I belonged
And now I feel that gone
Where it all went wrong
I traced it all along
Back here again

There was something calling me to negativity
Dark covering me
Shrouding every scene I’m cast in

*Repeat Chorus 1*

*Chorus 2*
Careful when you're feeling out of your mind
You should try to remember the strong lines in the spotlight
Till you're feeling alright

Please answer
I’m calling just to find out
If you could be here for me when I crack
The answer came
I found it buried in the trash there
I saw it stare…(repeat 4 times)

*Repeat Chorus 1*
*Repeat Chorus 2*
*Repeat Chorus 1*

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