Wearing And Tearing

Led Zeppelin

It starts out like a murmur
Then it grows like thunder
Until it bursts inside of you
Try to hold it steady
Wait until you're ready
Any second now will do
Throw the door wide open
Not a word is spoken
Anything that you want to do

Ya know, ya know, ya know...

Don't you feel the same way?
Don't you feel the same way?
But you don't know what to do
No time for hesitatin'
Ain't no time for hesitatin'
All you got to do is move
They say you're feeling blue, well
I just found a cure
It's a thing you gotta do, yeah

Ya know, ya know, ya know...

Now listen: You say your body's aching?
I know that it's aching
Chill bumps come up on you
Yeah, the funny fool
I love the funny fool
?Just like foolin' after school?
And then you ask for mediciation
Who cares for medication
When you've worn away the cure

Ya know, ya know, ya know...
Go back to the country
Yeah, go back to the country
Feel a change is good for you
When you keep convincin'
Ah, don't keep convincin'
What's that creeping up behind a you?
It's just an old friend
It's just an old friend
And what's that he's got for you?

Ya know, ya know, ya know...

Do your dance do your dance do your dance
Oooooh, medication. Medication! Medication!

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