Can`t Cry Anymore

Sheryl Crow

Took your car. Drove to Texas.
Sorry, honey. But I suspected we were through
And I can't cry anymore
Since I left been feelin' better, cause that's what you get when you stay together too long
And I can't cry anymore

* Wouldn't it be good if we could hop a flight to anywhere
So long to this life So much for pretending
Bad luck's never-ending *

(Now I know that) Money comes in
But the fact is not enough to pay my taxes
And I can't cry anymore

Gotta brother he's got real problems heroin
There's just no stopping him tonight
And I can't cry anymore


Could be worse. Could've missed my calling
Sometimes it hurts.
But when you read the writing on hte wall, can't cry anymore

So much for pretending bad luck's never-ending
Too much time I been spending with my heart in my hands
Waiting for time to come and mend it I can't cry anymore

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