앨범 : sherylcrow

I woke up this morning

Now I understand

What it means to give your life

To just one man

Afraid of feeling nothing

No bees or butterflies

My head is full of voices

And my house is full of lies


This is home, home

And this is home, home

This is home

I found your standing there

When I was seventeen

Now I'm thirty-two

And I can't remember what I've seen

I made a promise

Said it everyday

Now I'm reading romance novels

And I'm dreaming of yesterday


I'd like to see the Riviera

And slow dance underneath the stars

I'd like to watch the sun come up

In a stranger's arms


I'm going crazy

A little everyday

And everything I wanted

Is now driving me away

I woke this morning

To the sound of beating hearts

Mine is full of questions

And it's tearing yours apart

Tearing yours apart...

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