If I


The other night. I saw you first time. Though I met a lot of men in my life.
The light was bright and I felt all right. When you came and look into my eyes.
Just like a suicidal fire fly. I feel my body temperature rise.
I couldn't breath right because I needed so much so much of love that you full feel my heart

Crazy wild desire. You can bring it higher
Come on baby be my love
Your heart is caught on fire. You can not deny it
Groove with me and be my love


* 반복

I'm gonna please you just like exotic lover
why don't you look at me over and over just remember
from now and later this time your ride biggist love
surprise oh-yeah baby don't be afraid - yeah
come to me come to me

* 반복

I like to look at you the way I wanted so please don't
fight it just leave it to my hand. If you wanna help
me to love you than just play the game. There's nothing
to be shame or be afraid. Orla Orla yeah
It's party time(Everybody)party time party time
We've been waiting from sun-rise to the sun-set
party time let's party hard
So come on come on come on come on
Let's go crazy till you feel it
* 3번 반복

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가수 노래제목  
에코(ECO) 내가그린그림  
에코(ECO) 새벽  
에코(ECO) 혼자서  
에코(ECO) 하늘아  
에코(ECO) Orange  
에코(ECO) 이제  
에코(ECO) 언제까지나  
에코(ECO) 설레임  
에코(ECO) 미련  
에코(Eco) 행복한나를  
에코(ECO) 내 안의 너  
에코(ECO) 사랑  
에코(ECO) 고해성사  
에코(ECO) 첫사랑  
I Love You Eco (에코)  
에코(ECO) 그대  

관련 가사

가수 노래제목  
I Love You Eco (에코)  
I Love You Eco (에코)  
아이 러브 유(I Love You) Eco (에코)  
아이 러브 유(I Love You) Eco (에코) (Inst.)  
이상은(Leetzsche) 에코 송(ECO SONG)  
에코(ECO) 행복한 나를  
에코(ECO) 그대도 내게도  
에코(ECO) 마지막 사랑  
에코(ECO) 지독한 사랑  
에코(ECO) 첫사랑  
에코(Eco) 행복한나를  

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