Bus A Bus Remix

Busta Rhymes

[Busta Rhymes]
Uhh uhh uhh uhh ahh
ahh ahh ahh ahh
Do the Bus a Bus
Yea yea
Do the Bus a Bus
Do the Bus a Bus
Do the Bus a Bus ahh ahh ahh

What niggaz? We on now bring in the song now
Brand new for niggaz like a baby was born now
A lot of corny niggaz y'all been yappin too long now
Come inside the spot and all them niggaz is gone now
Come on now! Probably work in somebody store now
Singin my song now, while you moppin the floor now
We hit and run shit, I hope you know this is war now
Bus' big balls quickly settle the score now
From all the hot shit I got the spot feelin warm now
You leather suit niggaz should be rockin velor now
Only the live niggaz really belong now
Used to be rich niggaz walk around poor now
MY NIGGAZ! We doin it like never before now
Stack cheddar, headlinin national tours now
Flipmode Squad of niggaz keepin it raw now
Bounce while I take y'all niggaz straight to the core now

Chorus: Busta Rhymes (repeat 2X)

I know just really what you want
(all right) come and do the bus-a-bus
(all right) come and do the bus-a-bus
(all right) let me see y'all do the bus-a-bus

[Busta Rhymes]
(all right) -- Hah, jump back in the shit now
Push the S-5 with the big body kit now
But never stop you know it's only hit after hit now
Gotta spend chips if you want me to spit now
A lot of other niggaz really need to just quit now
Cause they don't realize how much they look like a dick now
Quick now, y'all niggaz just be makin me sick now
Worthless ass niggaz only throwin up bricks now
Hoe faggot nigga wanna come around takin my flicks now
I only do them things with my Flipmode click now
We used to be illegal, but you know we legit now
I never leave the crib without my glock and my clip now
Fuckin with these wild chicks, having a fit now
Model bitches be trying to get all in my whip now
Ready to flip now, bitches ready to strip now
Roll the whip through the traffic and doin the dip now
Get a grip nigga and just hope you don't slip now
Flipmode niggaz comin fully equipped now
Cheers to all of my niggaz takin a sip now
The Bus-a-Bus take y'all niggaz all on a trip now
There is a couple things that we can really explore now
Show love, or we can put your face in the floor now
Flipmode Squad of niggaz keepin it raw now
Bounce while I take y'all niggaz straight to the core now

Chorus 2X

(all right)

* Busta ad libs to fade *

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