Bus-A-Bus Interlude (Feat. Busta Rhymes)

Missy Elliott
앨범 : Miss E... So Addict...
작사 : Missy Elliott
작곡 : Missy Elliott

uh hehe uh hehe ,Yes in deed Yes in deed out this mothafucka back with the
right foot steppin in first and the left foot steppin in after i go by the
Devine atureboot of Bus a Bus Down suttin other wise known as Busta Motha
Fucking Rhymes out this bitch You know what I mean cause Im in the spot love it
when a bitch kiss up on a mafucka i luv it the way when i piss up on a mafucka
mafucka they need to chill relax what yaw need to do is listen up mafucka so as
we begin to get u addictive to the shit thats so addictive make sure u got your
ppls with you know one of your peoples that stay sober You know to make sure
you get home safely cause we about to take it there mafucka's Miss-E Missy
Missdameanor Elliot sooooooooooooooooo....... Addictive.

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