Why did you come into my life? When I needed a commitment And
you say you want to leave me now Tell me what I have done
wrong Do you even know what love is Or Do you even care what
my love meant to you I was always true to you Naver forget
that I gave you everything I had and more please don't let me
down like this and Tell me what is that I did wrong to you if
you want me to(make it up then I surely will) If you love
still baby, Pleaselet my love heal(Let my love proceed) I don't
want you to leave, cause think that I don't love you ( Why
baby why, Let me know right now, Tell me what I have done
wrong) For your love I gave up all I had but Naverasked the
same fron you all I asked was for you to be with me Now did I
ask too much from you? I love you for who you are I naver ever
compared you with someone else, did I? You come back to me and
see, If I really love you so And I'll give you all I have and

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If you love me still  
if you love me still  
If You Love Me Still  
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if you 빅뱅  
Ill Nino If You Still Hate Me  
77s You Still Love Me  

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