You Still Love Me


You Still Love Me

Yeah I come running
Down the mountain of love
You know I'd been up there
(So long)
But I couldn't get enough
I've been look, looking
Checking my load, wondering how I pull it
I've been talk, talking
Talking out loud, talking to myself alone
Are you still waiting
For me to come home
You know I can't stand it
You're there all alone
I've been run, running
Running from love, thinking I'd had enough
Ain't no fun, fun in
Laughing alone and living on my own
Am I done, done with
Checking it out, baby I got my doubts
Got no love, love left
Where can I go, I know I've wasted it
I know, I know I blew it, baby
Show me where to go now
I gotta find us something better
Will you wait there forever?
Who can understand the heart of a man
When his love grows cold then his heart turns old
Full of pride, love denied 'till he dies inside
Love, love, love come running
Back home to my heart
Won't you stay right there inside me
(Never, never)
Never to depart
(Ain't done nothing)
Nothing at all, building a wall inside me
(You did something)
Good to me
And now I can't be free
(Are you coming)
Coming around
To the new sound of my old footsteps
(You still love, love me)
You still love me
I know, I know I love you baby
And I know where to go now
I think I found us something better
We can be there forever

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