앨범 : Crooked rain crooked rain


Down to Santa Rosa and over the bay
Across the grapevine to LA
We got deserts we got trees
We got the hills of Beverly
Let's burn the hills of Beverly

Walk with your credit card in the air
Swinging nunchucks (nachos?) like you just don't care
This is a slow, sick suckin' part of me
This is a slow, sick suckin' part of me And when I'm sucking kisses,  sour

Up to the top of Shasta gulch
To the bottom of the Tahoe Lake
Manmade deltas and concrete rivers
The south takes what the north delivers
You film hack, I don't use your pay

Lost in the foothills of Mount Pine
Drinking Euro, say goodnight
to the last psychedelic band/
from Sacto Northern Cal
South Sacto, Northern Cal

Taylor, neighbor
You're my neighbor
And I need favors
You're my neighbor
You don't need favors
Cause I'm your neighbor
(I'm not your neighbor
You crazy street (bakersfield) trash

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가수 노래제목  
키리하라 아카야 Unfair  
마이크티(Mic-T) Unfair  
마이크티 Unfair  
드린지 오(Dringe Augh) Unfair  
UNFAIR 갖고싶어 (Wanna Love You)  
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