I Want You (리얼리티 TV쇼 Living Lohan 삽입곡)

Glenna Bree
앨범 : I Want You
작사 : Louis Yoelin
작곡 : Louis Yoelin

I want you
Gimme some more get on the floor
Come on keep dancing I’ll show you what
(verse 1)
I been watchin’ you from across the room
And I wish you were dancing by me
Yah I’ll give you a show, and no one has to know
So babe I’m waitin’ right here
Gimme some more get on the floor
Come on keep dancing I’ll show you what for
Get off your seat, I’ll turn up the heat
The temperature’s rising to 90 now
I want you
(verse 2)
Baby don’t be shy, there’s no reason why
Let your body do the talking for you
Because I feel so hot, I’ll make your body drop
I know it tastes so sweet
(repeat chorus)
(repeat chorus)

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