Secret of my heart

Mai Kuraki(Mai-K)
앨범 : Secret of my heart
작사 : Mai Kuraki

Secret of my heart

Starlit night above the roof tops
I sit and think, what words could show you how I feel?
Our happy times were they real? So I wonder

Shooting star falls as if to tell a happy end
will come because your by my side always a smile
but all the while, there`s still one thing inside, that I cannot tell you

Secret of my heart, when can I ever start?
Never any doubt, knowing how someday I`ll say I love you
It will shine on throush, my love will shine out true
give a little time, I`m looking for a sign
you know I`m waiting for my chance

So quiet now, winds whisper true to me
I feel a need, to scream out loud these things I feel
celebrate this love I can`t reveal I can`t show you

So here we are, together once again you seem to walk
this little distance from my side your face it seems so sad
I wonder what you hide I wanna be close to you

Secret of my heart can you understand those parts
Hidden far away, in a place I run to, doesn`t everyone
In my heart I know I must let our love grow
I can`t say why I know that I must find a way to call out for my chance

Can I tell the truth? No words come to my mind
They escape from my lips to the clouds above
Feeling in my heart, I can`t hide. I can`t hide anymore. `Cause I love you
I will be with you Wherever you are Can you feel my heart?

Can`t you see you`re in my heart but things may break apart
Maybe one day it`s difficult to say how hearts can beat as one
But I know now all the same no chance will come unless I paly the game
I just wanna say. I think I might be ready baby

Can`t you see you`re in my dreams I can`t lose you baby, see?
Everytime we meet everytime we`re near boy, gives all meaning to my life
Baby don`t get down, someday I will come around
Secret of my heart Our future is forever

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