Funky Funky Christmas

New Kids On The Block

Ho, ho, ho, oh, little train, my little elf, another great Christmas.


Ah, man, it's boring, it's boring, same thing every year,

so let's have a funky Christmas!

Have a funky funky Christmas, have a funky funky Christmas.

New Kids On The Block, let's rock, it's Christmas time.

We're gonna celebrate it with a rhyme.

Danny D, are you ready? - Ready as I'll ever be

Steady - you know, Joey Joe is ready

Jordan and Jon, yeah, come on, we got a funky, funky Christmas going on.

Have a funky...

Funky Christmas and a funky new year, I swear we got ourselves a party


Girls on the floor knows our posse at the door

Should I stop - nah cool - here's more of this song, a funky Christmas


'cause Jordan K feels so Christmasy

Throw your hands in the air pause, kick the ballistics Santa Claus

Have a funky...

Sneaking downstairs on Christmas Eve

I saw a sight that you just wouldn't believe

St. Nick by the fireplace dusting off his head with a frown on his face

He said hay - said what - he said you - I said what

He said you left the fire burning and I burnt my butt

so now I've learned you've got to turn the fireplace down

so Santa won't get burned

Have a funky...

Have a funky...

Slipping and sliding through the city streets

I'll be in town getting down to the Christmas beat

it's Danny D I'm here with Christmas cheer

no feeling to end the party of the year

it's going I'm showing fresh rhymes I'm throwing

it's snowing outside but we ho-ho-hoing

Santa's on the way, sleigh bells are ringing, swinging, everybody start


Have a funky....

It's Christmas, can you swing this?

Funky, dope jam top on your Christmas list, do you dig this?

Boy, there ain't no twist, just something you wish for and you almost

missed huh

Funky Christmas and a Happy New Year, how could you be booing it

with Donnie D doing it?

Have a funky....

Ho, ho, ho, this is the MC Santa Claus and my elf little Joe

Yeah, merry Christmas, merry Christmas, we gonna kick the ballistics

of our Christmas wishes.

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