Te Kupu

Come to coming to terms go beyond Seek to seeking knowledge go further Find to finding answers ask why Want to wanting to know why ask more Need to needing love look inside Feel to feeling content look within Have to having peace see harmony Come seek find want need feel have The night is much more true than day ThereÕs less around to lead astray The weak of hearts the feeble minds Always find place in common space Shared by the lonely foolish face Of he whoÕs lost in moral haste CanÕt taste none but a false rejoice For treasures of this world of choice Made true a voice I say disgust Shouting tough wealth is a must Are barren souls yearning in lust He whose shown no fruitful crust Follow many blind but steady Ready cheated by the love of now Unsure of why no care for how Mindful neva of he who ploughs Fields of fruits are unknown to he Who dwells in unconfessed misery Ae, Authority a come yes it is a must Yes so cause no fuss, say Ae, Authority a done dis ya overstand Each woman and man, say Ae, Authority a speak if ya strong or weak Must overcome meekness Ae, Authority a shine each an every time 'Ave fi know ya mind The authority to be is not given yet realised Through risen selves and orders of mind A recourse to realign The big picture a can ya figure its worth it Sittin on the fence smiling with ignorance Bootlicking while being is kicking Conversions of the soul Realignment to creation An assignment the authority The authority has come Yes I say authority a mash it down down The authority has come Yes I say authority a gwan make it stand

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