The Game

Dory Previn
앨범 : The Art Of Dory Pre...

I watch the game, aware of tricks
I do not want to see, I do not want to see
A card is palmed, the bets are placed
The loaded dice make three

And no one sees but me
Does no one see but me?
The roulette wheel goes round and round
And stops a bit too short
Its made to stop too short
Its built to stop too short
The chips are down
The croupier laughs
And calls a cheated player sport
He laughs and calls him sport
And the sport laughs with him
The sport laughs with him
There are no clocks
Upon the gilded walls
The drapes are drawn
In everlasting night
We Never Close
The neon light blinks at the sky
We Run An Honest House
The advertisements lie
For I have chanced to glimpse
Behind the imitation antique mirror
And I have seen
The pupil of the boss spying eye
Pontius Pilates soldiers
Gambled at the bottom of the cross
Even his ragged robe was lost
So would you kinda care
To tell me boss
What chance have we?
What chance have we?
Would you kinda care
To tell me boss?
I watch the game
And if I play
I know Ill go for broke
It must be go for broke
The game is fixed
Its just a funny foolish
Never ending joke
A never ending joke
The dealer winks and beckons
With a toothless, taunting grin
I know I cannot win the game is fixed
Okay all right, okay all right
Okay all right, god damn it
Deal me in

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