It's So Good

앨범 : Silk

And i want you for the rest of my life...........
(1st Verse)
Remembering the first day... You brought smiles to my face(ohh...)
With Memeries I can't erase... It's just so nice to know that you were
Made for me......
Its so Good to have you around....
Someone who... will never let me down
Good to have you around
And i want you for the rest of my life
(2nd Verse)
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you have never let me down...(ohh..) After four years I'm so proud
Almost gave..... Love away... But i must admit out of all you are the Best...
Chorus 1x
Change is overtime how one day you may not be mine....
But I'll charish every Moment you spend with me....
I need you everyday(I need you Everyday)
So don't you ever go away
Your all I need, For me.......
Chorus to End

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