앨범 : Failure On

Hold close now.
Its your only assurance
of controlling the outcome of this ending.
Is it ending or just leaving us
tired and waiting?
Youre chasing the reasons
revolving in circles of questions
weve all tried to answer for ourselves.
The answers already inside us,
just listen
and maybe youll find an answer
you dont want to hear.
Its only your diversions that keep it away.
Just open your eyes to see.
Finally youll understand to fill this void,
empty out entirely whats standing now.

관련 가사

가수 노래제목  
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이지훈 시선 (Allure)  
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아톰 beloved  
ATOM Beloved  
이루마 Beloved  
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David Lanz Beloved  
에이톰(A-TOM) Beloved  

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