Don McLean
작사 : Words & Music by
작곡 : Don McLean

I was all right
for a while
I could smile
for a while
But when I saw you
last night
You held my hand
so tight
When you stopped
to say hello
And though
you wished me well
You couldn't tell
that I'd been
Crying over you
crying over you
Then you said so long
left me standing
All alone
alone and crying
Crying crying crying
it's hard to
that the touch
Of your hand
can start me crying
I thought that
I was over you
But it's true so true
I love you even more
Than I did before
but darling
What can I do for you
don't love me
And I'll always be
crying over you
Crying over you
yes now you're gone
And from
this moment on
I'll be crying
crying crying crying
Yeah crying crying
over you~

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