Because I Love You (English ver.) - T (윤미래)

앨범 : 2집 - To My Love

Cause I see the sky now and the birds are singing and the clouds are
dancing with em' too....peacefully now....
Fly all day i wanna go away there with you far away....
Cause me and you babe theres no one block in up the road
make our way and I'll do it my own way

* Baby one day when it's beautiful
I'll take my love I'll share my soul
for the moment we will wait awhile it's alright
Through the good time and the bad times
been through it all....been through it all
baby one day we will go away it's alright

You said once and when the time is right
we'll set a rule ...officially now...and then
make a pack eternally and I will trust you
Because I love you...yes I do
cause it's provin' you know what we are look in for
till that day we'll just have to pray pray pray and pray.....

* Repeat

Cause me and you babe there's no one blocking up the road
make away I'll do it my own my own way....
* Repeat
* Repeat

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