Twenty Zero One


2001 - Where do I belong
I got my mind but I don`t know where my head has gone

2001 - Baby where you been
It`s pornographic, Internet, traffic on my screen

2001 - She`s just a maniac
It`s not for me but my baby really needs a crack

2001 - Don`t want the sex to stop
I took a pill now it`s killing me to keep it up

2001 - I know what`s goin` on
You wanna take my soul and change it for another one

2001 - Those liquid crystal eyes, they really suit you honey
Let me get them in your size

2001 - By 2032 you can be me, and with a little luck
I can be you

2001 - Let me bless you son
Help you believe with my semi-automatic gun

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