Don't Look Back

Cutting Crew

Don't Look Back - Eede/MacMichael

I never knew what it meant to me
'Till someone just took the best of me
If it's some kind of conspiracy
Then no-one gets to the rest of me

I'm turning over leaves I'm holding up my head
I'm healing over hurt and learning to forget

Don't look back, let it fade and let it go
Don't look back, let it fade and let it go

You make your way in a crazy world
Get all mixed up by a crazy girl
When all you want is some honesty
But then all she gives you is sympathy

I'm opening new doors, I'm clearing out the shelf
I'm loosening my act and laughing to myself

Don't look back...

Don't be afraid of the choices you've made
And try not to give any quarter
There's no more to say
I'm walking away and I'll never look back

Don't look back...

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