C.C. Catch

Lady lady lady you have me
Oh don't make me cry
Leaving me oh girl it's easy
He won't say goobye
It's hard time for lovers
And the broken dreams of you
Let me stay together my love foever
I never wanna want ya feeling blue

--Be my soul survivor and come and take me higher
Don't let me down oh it's just too late girl
Soul survivor it's like a burning fire
To pull the strings of my deep emotions tonight
Love night it's all right

Nothing really last forever
Stop your lipstick lies
He would spend the night together
It's just a dream I don't try
Cause my lve is so precious
Love will never be the same
And I'm never lonely cause she's the only
I never wanna wanna play again


It's the night it's the night yeah
You win me heart
It's the night of my burning dream
Secret love secret love up upon the stars
I never wanna lose ya baby
And we'll never break apart


Soul survivor soul surivovr

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