Benediction (Feat. Rick Ross)

August Alsina

[Hook - August Alsina:]

Started off in the streets

We would take collection from the fiends

People dyin' all around me

So I gave you my testimony

We were down from the beginnin'

When the world wasn't listenin'

Now that I got your attention

Let us end with the benediction

[Verse 1 - August Alsina:]

We are gathered here today

Paying our respects to bein' broke, hope he's in a better place

Cause life out here ain't sweet, oh no

I would close my eyes to sleep but didn't dream no more

So I had to make a way for my home, you know

Now I'm in a place where I ain't gotta scheme no more

The good life, I'm done with the hood life

I did what I could didn't always do what I should and I was misunderstood

So many nights I tried

To hide how I felt, I would cry inside

And I ran through the streets till my feet got tired

Cause I ain't wanna have my shoes on them power lines

[Bridge - August Alsina:]

But I made it, and it made me

I know I did wrong, I pray to God he forgave me

Cause I made it, it didn't kill me

So it made me stronger, I pray to God that you feel me, that you feel me...


[Verse 2 - August Alsina:]

Our father who art in heaven

I pray you free me from my demons and keep me level

I know you kept my out of prison where I was headin'

When I heard someone killed my brother, one-eighty-seven

I hope he made it to your presence, for me he was a blessin'

At least I know he's restin' and he ain't out here stressin'

Tryna get to the good life, and out of this hood life

I pray that my step-pops lay off that crack pipe

So mama could sleep at night, I know it's been hard on her

I was ripping through the streets, it was hard for her

Now I'm up in hotels on the ocean shore

When I was sleepin' on the floor at the corner store

[Bridge + Hook]

[Verse 3 - Rick Ross:]

Bottle after bottle, snatching Belaire out the bucket

Rightin' all my wrongs for these homies out here thuggin'

Pray for benediction, pretty women on my premise

Condo out in Cabo, screaming "GABOS" to my nemesis

Gold around my neck I'm ballin' for these final minutes

Nothing lasts forever, for these sins I seek repentance

Shots fired, another gone, I feel that man's pain

Daddy sat me down and said: "that came with the game"

Shake my head, roll up the window, turnin' up the music

So much anger in these songs for these soldiers that we losin'

A mastermind is one who's feedin' others off his talent

I owe it to my city but it's time I pay my balance

I'm in Holyfield's estate, I started with a pallet

I made my first tape, I gave that shit to Khaled

Thankful for my supporters, everyone that ever bought us

Grateful for every lesson these by any streets taught us


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